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Host your own webinaar

Stream from your facebook page

Build your YouTube Channel

Stream from your facebook page

Present your own show

Live stream

Live Stream brings you a global multi-platform audience. 

When we Live Stream your event, you can reach anyone anywhere.

Live streaming is the fastest-growing broadcast platform and is designed to send your event stream to mobile devices, computers and internet TV’s.

When we stream your event you can choose your platform, this could be to Facebook Live, YouTube, Ustream or Web embedded.

Strategic Media can help you with all the choices you need to make to help you get the best value, reach and quality.

During the time of your stream, you could engage live via social media, or even bring your guests into your feed via a remote camera feed.

Once your broadcast is done, you still have all the collateral content from your broadcast, this can then be used for post edit and shared as you choose.

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Consult Online

Home Stream

Connect from home and meet online. Save on travelling and reduce overheads. All on your own time schedule.


Stream your conference calls via your chosen social media platform to extend your reach and awareness.

Event Streaming

Extend your sport or business event reach beyond the four walls. A great way to maximise your value proposition

Studio Stream

Stream from our studios direct to your own social media platform. Show format with your own digital setup.