Corporate videos connects your brand to your clients better than any other medium.

At Strategic Media, we are aware that in order to increase your brand awareness and drive sales,  you need to be dynamic in your marketing approach.

In today’s Digital Age, the internet is the first place consumers look when buying products or seeking information. Online videos have proven to be the most successful way to engage and capture the client. 

Corporate Social Media Videos are much easier and more affordable than you might think. Our studios are ideal for the production of these videos and can be tailor-made to your liking. 

Our studios are “Plug & Play” to save you time, money and our staff will guide you through the steps. We’ll help you create fresh, engaging content which will reward you with more brand awareness and more revenue.

Video Showcase

Capture a product or location. Show off that featured item by having a film crew on site. We bring lights, cameras, and other gear to maximize your shoot.

Training Video

Maximize your efforts by having your best trainer teach your material once at any location on demand; rather than multiple sessions of the same material, incurring travel time and expenses, and managing the schedule and no shows.

Video Marketing

Swing on into our studios and we’ll shoot your quick video in front of a green screen. Allowing you to put whatever graphics you need into the scene behind you.

Spokesperson Video

Hire a spokesperson, or use your own internal company talent or our own presenter to engage the audience and share your story and products.

How to Video:

Have a technique or application that needs a little more explanation? Videos are far easier to understand for customers and employees than any manual.