Strategic Media offers a full house one stop digital media production and public relations service for sports bodies, sports barnds, individuals and corporates.

Strategic Media Solutions is an independent media agency which dedicates itself to connecting brands to their databases. We offer our clients various low-cost platforms in which to do so. We believe strongly in brand awareness and have a track record of producing quality content on several platforms. We operate predominately in the sports media space

We connect brands to fans and clients, this is your database and network of friends, clients, and customers. In the Sports Media space this includes sponsors and fans.

Our walk in plug and play studio produces sports shows for Cape Town TV, a local broadcasting network with over 2 million viewers per month.

Through the medium of low-cost Digital TV production services, we have connected local businesses to their target market at a low cost.

Our team of dedicated staff provide a hands-on approach to your needs and do so with a fast turn around business ethic.

We pride ourselves in making every client a part of the Strategic Media family.

Even though we offer traditiional business solutions we sepcialise in the sports sector, which offers business owners one of the best mediums to help their brand of product reach their target market.

Sport has become one of the foremost revenue generating industries and has been
instrumental in effecting social change.