Since its inception, the show has made an enormous impact on the lives of rugby players and sport fans in the Western Cape. The previously unpublicized sport now has a fan base which drives fans back to the game.

The show has rejuvenated the spirit of club rugby and has created opportunities for community sports development in an era when it’s most needed. A notable factor has been the exposure the show has given to the clubs which have previously been ignored by the media, much of which is a legacy of the apartheid era.

We now see former heroes of the struggle getting the attention they never did, and young talented players are getting the exposure they might otherwise never have had before.

The show concept is simple, the more exposure for club rugby, the greater the opportunity for investment.

In South Africa the professional space has quite simply failed the community; the revenue flow has been into the top part of the pyramid and has stayed there.

This free rugby medium now opens the door for media planners, brand managers and corporate to get involved in a space they previously feared to engage. This show now offers a real return on investment to any sponsor.